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global economic storm caused the world economic slowdown, the United States and the European market to bear the brunt of the transformation of Perak footwear industry although has the basic conditions for survival against the economy, but the disease can be dead. if the overseas market cannot recover quickly, order falls again, the local footwear industry will face another wave of layoffs after production, and even forced to close down. Perak footwear production generally depends on family processing, some rely on a larger scale in the labour force. Once the overseas orders continue to shrink, has begun to cut the local shoe factory had to take the next step with the trend. non regular employees break some weak economic foundation industry in the economic downturn may continue to fight through the last line of defense. industry sources, the production of layoffs has actually started, because the general shoe less please migrant workers, the industry only cut and run important shoe department master, non regular employees are required to break orders when the class continue to recover. they say layoffs is not terrible, the industry is worr cheap jordan shoes for men ied that orders dropped, interbank will inevitably set off another fight on survival, then the red sea waves, all for the sake of beyond the competitors, grab more market share while fighting a life and death. transformation of authoritarian women's high-end shoes exacerbate the vicious competition in the industry Charlie Footwear Association chairman Tan Jinji told the "Nanyang", Perak footwear industry experienced 20 years ago was Chinese cheap shoes vied for the enterprise survival after the storm, the transformation of industry as a warning for the future most, resolutely turned to the production of high-end women's fashion shoes, and shoes, and commander, to turn a head waves. the so-called Chinese fickle solid, in the environment of beef, in Perak created the best-selling brand at home and abroad who have become international brands no lack of such people, who have licensed manufacturers, both inside and outside, the quality of styles of reputation, to earn huge foreign exchange for the country and Perak. women's fashion shoes champion at present, much of Perak women's fashion shoes manufacturing industry of national exclusive Ngau Tau, some manu Retro jordans for sale facturers have entered the production of high-grade precision machinery. In the ladies' in threshing in)"With the strong support of the inspection and quarantine departments, we have more confidence in the quality of our products, and believe that we can soon come out of the trough and realize the two take-off."." Recently, the export of special testing in Heshan Yongguan Footwear Company Limited for the inspection and quarantine departments, said with full confidence. Heshan City, a total of 30 footwear export production enterprises in the rising costs, lower export tax rebates, trade "with the support of the inspection and quarantine departments, we have more confidence on the quality of their products, believe to be able to quickly out of the woods, the realization of the two leap." Recently, the export of special testing in Heshan Yongguan Footwear Company Limited for the inspection and quarantine departments, said with full confidence. Heshan City, a total of 30 footwear export production enterprises in the rising costs, lower export tax rebates, trade barriers and other factors that plagued Heshan export shoes enterprises, Jiangmen inspection and Quarantine Bureau Heshan office to lend a cheap jordans for sale mens helping hand, body, bent forward to supervision, the export of footwear special detection as an opportunity to continuously strengthen the quality awareness of enterprises, help enterprises improve the quality management system, quality of the road walk, guide enterprises to actively respond to the tight encirclement. In the special test, there are 6 physical and mechanical safety performance test unqualified. In view of this situation, Jiangmen inspection and Quarantine Bureau Heshan office to make full use of inspection and quarantine functions and technical advantages of intimate support enterprise, led by the office of rate of technical personnel into the plant research, analyzes the causes of nonconformities, patiently guide enterprises rectification. After the completion of the rectification, check 100 qualified, the quality of the product has a qualitative leap, comprehensive competitiveness has been significantly improved. (Editor: admin). in the previous game against Celtic game, LeBron & middot; James short foot ten years ago the shoes -- 3 LeBron, the double LeBron 3 to pure tones presented, combined printed character modified vamp, overall effect is quite simple; spring and summer on cheap foamposites the foot is indeed beautiful, if engraved, you will choice of?Toronto Raptors defender DeMar DeRozan Madden often become a regular 10 in addition to the physical well, the real foot also very watchable, down through the style of an entire season is not too small, this website directly with foreign well-known shoes we went home by DeRozan, he personally to introduce beloved sneaker, in the film DeRozan has talked about his shoes shoes start important road, to the special significance of the shoes which double? Xiao Bian first secrecy in this way, we quickly click to take a look inside! video source: NICE KICKS2015 in September, Rihanna FENTY for the first time with the personal brand jointly launched Creeper shoes and PUMA, let Rihanna cross foot movement design field, the first step towards success, more PUMA hit record sales. PUMA classic Suede shoes as the design prototype of Creeper with strong New York punk rock elements, contains the full Rihanna unique and crazy rebellious character and antisocial principle of personal characteristics. In mid December last year, the second bomb Creeper flagship pink color, showing the rebellious spirits behind the Rihanna punk containing the flavor of the Cheap air jordans for sale woman emotional conflict. But this time, with his music and fashion theme, fusion Creeper has always been a rebellious punk soul, thick soles with eye-catching collocation, European exquisite production process, and then to the peak of Creeper. The PUMA Creeper prototype in 1968 PUMA from Suede, the rebellious punk rock elements into Rihanna like, exaggerated thick sole and suede uppers become the unique characteristics. This month ushered in the third wave of new color, Rihanna in music and popular as a source of inspiration for the design, "Jazz" with black satin and black suede upper side collocation Satin PUMA Satin Lace add scimitar sign, elegant romantic Jazz; "rock" "blue suede collocation Christmas Christmas red, caramel color, thick soled heel like a deer most of the notes;" White Swan Lake "is a change of Creeper classic suede uppers to finish leather shoes, light body collocation with a glossy soled heel, like the Swan Lake music like noble pride. Each pair of Creeper is equipped with FENTY PUMA by Rihanna exquisite velvet bag and two sets of shoelace choice, Taiwan will be in May 26th with global synchronization limited edition, it is suggested that the price NT$4580 yuan. store inf Retro jordans for sale ormation - PUMA Dunnan stores: Dunhua Road, Taipei city section of No. 179 411 stores: Feng Chia - PUMA in Taichung City Xitun District Fuxing Road Kaohsiung Wufu Wufu two emerging shop: No. 262 Kaohsiung Road, Air Jordan 5 Retro 'Neymar' Taiwan area will be sold at a particular store in June 11th at 6800 yuan. We are responsible for arranging the distributors who are currently selling their products in Facebook. The actual selling methods, mechanisms and locations are subject to the announcement of the stores. Wuchang 23 source: WishatlAfter the season ushered in the personal first pair of signature shoes, James Harden also played a personal representative of the season, change from the attacker's role is not only the main engine team, offensive and defensive data are growing, but also help the team among the league's best record, a full range of dazzling performance is one of the more a popular candidate for the most valuable player of the year. Which season during the beard at the foot of the boots to see the degree than the stadium was opened, Adidas around the growth story, his personal style gives each color unique personality, and almost every pair he had personally with play, this cheap jordans for sale article to review Harden Vol.1 wore a beard during the regular season, is also looking forward to the next and additional surprises everyone (you may have a chance to come to a MVP commemorative edition? ). Adidas Harden Vol.1 "IMMA BE A STAR 'Adidas Harden Vol.1' Pioneer 'Adidas Harden Vol.1' BHM 'Adidas Harden Vol.1' Dark Ops' Adidas Harden Vol.1 'Home' Adidas Harden Vol.1 '13 Below Zero' Adidas Harden Vol.1 'Cargo' Adidas Harden Vol.1 'Grayvy' Adidas Harden Vol.1 'Red Glare' Adidas Harden Vol.1 'Gila Monster' Adidas Harden Vol.1 'Disruptor' Adidas Harden Vol.1 'No Brakes' Adidas Harden Vol.1' Custom 'Adidas Harden Vol.1' Fear The Fork ' source: SLAM / Getty Images / BR_Kicks with a pair of healthy leg muscle empty place, make the ball to draw a perfect arc in the air quickly shot received the ball, then only to hear the crisp sound of nets; in 1999 was selected as the NCAA tournament MVP, 3 time NBA all star game, and in 2004 to help the Detroit pistons NBA Championship, which is familiar to the iron man Richard Hamilton. In his 14 year career, he has used many pretty Air Jordan PE shoes, both built on the color of the team, or a special version of the star race, all of which have their ch Cheap air jordan 12 ovo arm and features. Through the recent well-known foreign shoes website Sole Collector sort out some Jordan Brand for him to launch exclusive style, let us together through these pictures to remember Richard Hamilton in those years bring you good! shoes Name: Air Jordan 7 Retro year: 2002 shoes Name: Air Jordan 12 Retro year: 2004 shoes Name: Air Jordan 12 Retro year: 2004 shoes Name: Air Jordan 13 Retro year: 2005Photograph: @dj_sneakerhead believes that the recently opened by Michael Jordan Marcus Jordan at TROPHY ROOM has attracted many people's eyes, Jordan is not only the name of the store also shows many special shoes, and the opening day of the limited edition 523 double platinum Air Jordna XX3 'TROPHY ROOM' is also the focus of the. In particular each with independent number as a souvenir, and foreign media sneakernews also took many photos and details out of the box can let us preview the curious film. white version will only be released in the opening and relatives and friends limited activities, 5 and 23 presents the Jordan father and son's shirt back number, placed in the same pair of shoes, but also show the succession of feelings. Michael Jordan autograph handwriting and tongue t Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping oe at the front end of the laser Logo will this pair of shoes to enhance the texture; black gold will be in the opening weekend when sold, limited to 5000 pairs, also embroidered with a pair of each sale number, it is a surprise for purchase will also be available in the United States on May 28th, transparency the difference lies in the black and white outsole, white shoe store Logo is more clear, the material of the shoe, black suede; white leather, slightly segment. Xiaobian think, although Jordan Brand sold quite a few special shoes, but personally designed by Jordan's family shoes are pretty rare, the launch of the XX3 in the overall design is also quite fit the concept of Trophy, the more luxurious texture and Jordan have won the glory of one. source: sneakernews said the recent popular Adidas Ultra shoes, Boost is on the list, the energy feedback Boost outsole impressive, small changes in generations of performance improvement with the appearance of Ultra in Boost, also let feel more upward. Adidas UltraBoost 3 in December last year when the first sale is sold out, recently have been offering replenishment and launch new color, like the day before and olive green, navy blue, b cheap jordans online rown and purple color with a classic three debut, both Adidas Ultra Boost 3 stripe sounded the beginning of 2017, the current can be purchased on Adidas UK. adidas UltraBoost 3, Taiwan, if there is a future release information publicly, we will share with you. source: Finish Line in the past, often through the adidas link Derrick Rose shoes and the characteristics of Chicago City, which had its inspiration for the star. This D Rose 5 Boost "Chicago" is represented in the upper embroidered pattern of stars, and use a canvas fabric material, red color also has a very strong smell of bulls. D Rose 5 Boost 'Chicago' is expected to be listed on the American time 2/3, priced at $140 yuan. source: Sole Collector- your current version Wall tool - 1. you say, this pair of big shoes "Sup" what is true or false? instagram: jeffstaple remember before the godfather Teng Yuan Hao bought a pair of fake shoes Nike, help users identify things on Instagram? Now, the same thing happened in the Staple embarrassed host Jeff Staple. I believe you can see, in this pair of Supreme x Nike Air More? Uptempo in the end with the official announcement of the original design is different from others, in addition, it actually was shoes size 3.5! Coupled with the description of "F+F (Friends and Family)", its life makes people more confused. It is true for Jeff Staple problems, then... What is your opinion? 2. zipper with bandages, Sock Dart can be so "cyberpunk" instagram: psyfonlabs in the wall of the world we have to introduce a lot of creative DIY shoes, but should be the most complex today this. The same is function and cyberpunk theme designer Shawn Curtin is the first rubber bracket Sock Dart originally removed, then to add waterproof zippers and Velcro collocation, "black soul" smell "Triple Black" color, people have lamented that this work is Stone Island, and even appearance ACRONYM? Design official compared favorably. 3. cat can be net red, wear more than you tide? instagr〉It appears that Jordan Brand has teamed up with Public School once again and this time they use the Air Jordan 12 as the silhouette. Advertisment The last design were two Air Jordan 10 versions, and now they take their talents to design this premium Air Jordan 12. The shoe is fully built with a premium suede upper that is full covered in all-Dark Grey and Black. Other details include the PSNY logo on the tongue and sock liner, finished with Public School wording on the insole. Air Jordan 12 PSNY Release Date Check out the detailed images below and look for the Public School Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? to release on December 12th, 2015 at select Jordan Brand retail stores, including at 3PM EST. The retail price tag will be set at $300 USD. Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? Dark Grey/Dark Grey-Black 130690-003 December 12, 2015 $300 RELATED: Air Jordan Release Dates UPDATE: The Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? will once again release tonight exclusively on at 8PM EST via J23App. ?C Anyone get lucky? UPDATE: Public School will be re-releasing their Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? tonight at 8PM EST exclusively on UPDATE: The Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? will be debuting tomorrow, December 12th and they??ll be housed in a familiar slide-out box that is used on the brands iconic Air Jordan 11 silhouette. Check out a few detailed images below via JD and let us know how many of you will be copping these this weekend in the comments section? UDPATE: The Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? will be available on December 12th on at 3PM ET and 12PM PST. Retail is set at $300 USD. @Xx_Jonathan The Air Jordan 12 Public School launches 12.12 at 3pm ET for $300. Please stay tuned for the latest. (@nikestore) December 8, 2015 UPDATE: Nike has released official images of the highly anticipated Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? that will be releasing on December 12th. UPDATE: Jordan Brand has announced the official release date for the Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? that will debut on December 12th, 2015. UPDATE: The Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? now has a release date set for December 12th, 2015 via @_PO2345 with a look at the tag label. UPDATE: While we still wait for a release date, here are a few on-feet images of the Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? via @copkickz. UPDATE: Here are the latest detailed images of the Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? collaboration that is still without any release details at the moment. Stay tuned for more updates. UPDATE: Following a few set of preview images, we finally have a detailed look via @us11hustla at the Public School x Air Jordan 12 Retro that is fully dressed in a Dark Grey/Black color scheme with PSNY branding throughout and Public School wording on the insole. Still no release date, but stay tuned for more updates.